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Plymouth Report

The Plymouth Report provides an overview of the needs and issues facing the city – with an accompanying narrative about the shared challenges and opportunities that we face. To understand the health of the city, it is essential to also understand the city’s geography, its population and the environment within which its residents live and work. We also need to understand the economic context of the city such as jobs, wages, infrastructure and economic growth.

This report is a high level analysis and presentation of data. It also contains links to more detailed needs assessment documents / data sets. It was written by a selection of professionals – public health consultants, policy analysts, economists and social researchers. It was crafted by a much bigger group of professionals from a range of agencies. While the final product may appear to some as a summary needs assessment, it is the result of much debate, passion and learning.

The final section presents a summary of some key challenges and opportunities for the city – based on the facts and evidence considered by contributors to the report. In most cases, the challenges raised are long term – a heads up for the city based on data trends and projections.

The Plymouth Report will be updated on an annual basis, providing the opportunity to focus on a number of issues in more depth, as well as present the high level needs evidence and narrative.

Plymouth report 2023

Plymouth report 2019