Road closures and restrictions

Any work on a road that means we have to close it or restrict traffic needs a traffic regulation order (TRO). This might be:

  • for road works to take place
  • because of building works being carried out near the road
  • for safety at an event
  • for events, street parties and fairs

Restrictions can be temporary or permanent and include:

  • road and footway closures
  • waiting and loading
  • one-way streets
  • speed limits
  • weight and width restrictions
  • access and turning restrictions
  • cycle and bus lanes
  • parking zones

Request a temporary road closure or restriction

If you're a contractor or event organiser and you need a temporary restriction or road closure you can apply for a temporary traffic regulation order.

We need at least six weeks' notice - for some closures this can be up to three months so that we can advertise diversions. You can close a footway for a maximum of six months and a carriageway for a maximum of 18 months.

Download Request a temporary road closure [PDF, 281KB]


  • Emergency road closures (up to five days) - £450
  • Planned works (up to 28 days) - £1,078
  • Planned works (over 28 days) - £2,500

Proposed permanent changes

 Cattedown Road and Finnigan Road - [PDF, 614KB] - comment by 06 November 2018

 Tavistock Road - Experimental Order - [PDF, 1,787KB] - comment by 17 April 2019

 Tavistock Road - Experimental Order Plan A1 - [PDF, 6,826KB]

 Raynham Road and Penlee Way -[PDF, 803KB] - comment by 5 October 2018

If you'd like to comment on or object to any proposed schemes please email quoting the Amd reference number.

Approved changes

 Plympton Erle - [PDF, 1,284KB]

 Parking Amendments Various Roads - [PDF, 2MB]

 Torbryan Close and Cockington Close - [PDF, 968KB]

 Darklake View - [PDF, 1MB]

Privacy Statement

 TRO and Green Claims Privacy Statement [PDF, 472KB]