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Skipper bus ticket

Skipper is a multi-operator bus ticket offering unlimited travel for either 1, 7 or 28 days within the area of validity.

Participating Operators

Skipper tickets can be used on the following operators services, within the area of validity:

  • Plymouth Citybus / Go Cornwall Bus
  • Stagecoach South West
  • Tally Ho

Skipper tickets cannot be used on long distance coach services such as National Express or rail replacement services.

Area of Validity

The Skipper ticket is valid in:

  • Plymouth
  • Torpoint
  • Saltash
  • Roborough
  • Langage
  • the built up areas of Ivybridge
  • Lee Mill
  • Smithaleigh
  • Wembury
  • Heybrook Bay

Skipper ticket map

Ticket Types

Day ticket

You can buy a day ticket from the driver on the bus and can use it from the time you buy it until 2am the next day.

7 day and 28 day tickets

7 and 28 day tickets offer unlimited travel throughout the period purchased. They can only be purchased via the Plymouth Citybus and Stagecoach South West app.

Ticket Prices


  • Day Ticket: £6.50
  • 7 Day Ticket: £25.80
  • 28 Day ticket: £98.90


  • Day Ticket: £4.80
  • 7 Day Ticket: £19.40
  • 28 Day ticket: £73.10