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Skipper ticket

Skipper is a multi-operator bus ticket offering unlimited travel for either 1, 7 or 28 days within the area of validity.

Participating Operators

Skipper tickets can be used on the following operators services, within the area of validity:

  • Plymouth Citybus / Go Cornwall Bus
  • Stagecoach South West
  • Oakleys Coaches
  • Tally Ho

Skipper tickets cannot be used on long distance coach services such as National Express or rail replacement services.

Area of Validity

The Skipper ticket is valid in Plymouth, Torpoint, Saltash, Roborough, Langage, the built up areas of Ivybridge, Lee Mill, Smithaleigh, Wembury and Heybrook Bay.

Map of skipper ticket validity area

Skipper ticket map

Ticket Types

Day ticket

You can buy a day ticket from the driver on the bus and can use it from the time you buy it until 2am the next day.

7 day and 28 day tickets

7 and 28 day tickets offer unlimited travel throughout the period purchased.  They can only be added to a smart card which you can buy online from Plymouth Citybus or Stagecoach South West, from the Plymouth Citybus Travel Centre or from the driver on any Stagecoach South West bus. 

If you already have a smart card - a Plymouth Citybus Keycard or a Stagecoach South West Megarider - you can add or top-up your skipper ticket with the bus company either online or with the driver (or at the Plymouth Citybus Travel Centre if you have a Citybus Keycard).

Ticket Prices


  • Day Ticket: £5.90
  • 7 Day Ticket: £23.70
  • 28 Day ticket: £92.50


  • Day Ticket: £4.50
  • 7 Day Ticket: £18.30
  • 28 Day ticket: £68.40