Southway to Plymbridge

Southway to Plymbridge walking and cycling improvements consultation

We are consulting on proposed improvements for pedestrians, cyclists and people with disabilities stretching from Southway to Plymbridge.

The Southway Drive proposals include:

  • widening and resurfacing of a length of footway along Southway Drive from the Western end of Pendeen Crescent to the George junction allowing children and less confident people cycling to avoid cycling on the road
  • conversion of the Clittaford Road Junction to a mini roundabout to provide improved crossing facilities whilst maintaining traffic flow
  • Improved crossings for pedestrians and cyclists at minor side roads and entrances to business premises
  • a length of on road cycle lane on Southway Drive with double yellow lining on the eastbound carriageway (north side)  approximately between Butler Close and Roborough surgery
  • additional double yellow lining on Butler Close
  • the works do require the removal of 5 trees, which will be replanted on Southway Drive in the vicinity
  • tactile paving to help improve safety for people with visual impairments

The Plymbridge Road proposals include:

  • off-road shared use cycle path on the south side of Plymbridge Road from the existing facility past Wrigleys roundabout to Earls Wood Drive requiring the removal of some existing trees and vegetation which will be replanted to provide a diverse range of native tree species
  • a reduction in the speed limit to 30mph on Plymbridge Road from Westwood Avenue to Wrigleys roundabout to help reduce casualties. There have been 23 accidents on Plymbridge Road in the last five years, three of which have resulted in serious injuries.  Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents data shows that just a one mile-per-hour reduction in average speeds on faster urban roads can be expected to reduce accidents by 3 per cent
  • a substantially improved crossing facility on Plymbridge Road at the junction with Darklake View
  • widening and resurfacing of the existing path from Durris Gardens and Miller Way with a pedestrian island crossing where the path joins Plymbridge Road
  • widening and resurfacing of the existing path from Yardley Gardens to Thornbury Road
  • improved pedestrian and cycle crossings of side roads and business entrances
  • on road cycle lane with a stretch of double yellow lines on Plymbridge Road between Wrigleys roundabout and just beyond the junction with Bush Park

Consultation drawings

Southway Drive drawings:

 Pendeen Crescent (West) to Clittaford Road [4.66MB]

 Clittaford Road to Roborough surgery [4.02MB]

Plymbridge Road drawings:

 Glenfield Road to Darklake View [2.18MB]

 Darklake View to Thornbury Road and path to Miller Way [2.10MB]

 Eaton Business Park to Vosper's and path to Yardley Gardens [2.00MB]

 Path to Yardley Gardens and Wrigleys Roundabout to Earls Wood Drive [4.11MB]

 Visualisations of the landscaping proposals alongside Plymbridge Road [6.07MB]

Next steps:

A summary of the consultation responses and next steps, including the expected timescales for construction if the scheme is approved, will be published at the web address above by the end of February 2019.