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Tattoo hygiene rating scheme

The tattoo hygiene rating scheme and encourages all registered tattoo studios to join. The scheme aims to drive up hygiene standards and the adoption of best practice across the country.

After an inspection your studio will be awarded a rating of one to four, which will apply for a minimum of three months. The ratings are:

    1. Improvement needed

    2. Satisfactory

    3. Good

    4. Very good

You'll receive a window sticker to display your hygiene rating to your customers.

Tattoo scheme ratings

See what registered skin piercing premises have the top rating of 4.

Join the scheme

Complete and return an application form and then we'll arrange a time to inspect your premises.

Ask for a re-visit


  • Inspection and rating of premises - £40
  • Annual inspection of premises - £40
  • Re-rating of premises - £25