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Wellbeing hubs

We have worked in partnership with the Voluntary Sector to develop a network of 6 Wellbeing Hubs across the city. The aim of the Hubs is to provide easy, local access to a range of information and advice but also to empower local people to get involved in doing things together and to support each other.

There are many examples of people who have found support from the Wellbeing Hubs, but have also found that getting involved has changed their lives.

"The local Police Community Support Officer contacted me in relation to a resident who was has some mental health needs. His tenancy is at risk and he is autistic. I am building a positive relationship with him so that he can access the support he needs. We attend meetings together and I’m working with him and his Housing Officer to make his living conditions more satisfactory. I will continue to work with this resident in order to support him to navigate the services he requires".

Wellbeing Hub advisor, Mannamead

"I met RM at the library and he is now a regular attendee of the Wellbeing Hub Wellbeing café. He previously felt socially isolated and lonely but has been getting involved in activities within the hub. He now feels less isolated, is able to access information and advice and to feel better connected to his community."

Wellbeing Hub advisor, St Budeaux

"I am really happy going to the group. Personally going up to the group on a Wednesday has helped me feel needed again and not just for babysitting, house sitting and dog sitting. I have learnt how to do various crafts, recognise when to change my routine which was causing me to feel low. I think that all of us who go have developed friendships and can have a laugh about things that maybe caused us to have low self-esteem. If it wasn't for the group I would be stuck indoors, now I look forward to going and meeting everyone and learning something new i.e how to recognise and how to act against fraud. Thank-you "

Plympton Rees Wellbeing Hub Wednesday Wellbeing Sessions Attendee

Watch video showcasing the work of the Wellbeing Hubs on Vimeo.

To find out more about the Hubs please visit: Plymouth Online Directory