Doing business with the Council

Under £25,000

From September 2018, responsibility for the purchase of goods, services and works under £25,000 will be devolved to Council staff instead of being managed by Procurement Services. This change is designed to help front line services by making the procurement process more efficient and ultimately benefiting the customers of our services.

If you receive a request for quotation (RFQ) you will need to submit your quotation via an online form (a link to which will be on the Request For Quote email). The Council will no longer accept quotes by email, post or fax. Guidance on how to respond to an RFQ can be found below.

 Suppliers Guide (Under £25k) [PDF, 557KB]

Process flow chart

Over £25,000

We use the Supplying the South West procurement portal for opportunities relating to goods, services and works. 

You'll need to be registered on the portal first for us to do business with you.

Supplying the South West is free to join and guidance is available below to help you with the registration process.

More information can be found on the Supplying the South West website.

 Supplying the South West registration guide [PDF, 88KB]

Modern Slavery Statement

Plymouth City Council believes that as a public sector organisation with a large number of suppliers, it is appropriate that it publishes a statement that is transparent about the actions it will be taking. The statement is as follows.

 Modern Slavery Statement [PDF, 128KB]