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Choose a Builder and LABC Partnership

Choosing a builder 

Useful tips to avoid cowboy builders: 

  • get personal recommendations from friends and neighbours 
  • get a quotation from more than one builder 
  • decide exactly what you want before asking for a quote 
  • ask the builder for references from other clients 
  • don't be rushed into a decision 
  • agree payment terms 
  • we recommend you avoid paying the total amount up front if possible. Your builder may need stage payments depending on the length of the contract and amount of work 
  • consider using a building contract for the precise arrangements for the work to be done. Understand what is expected from you and your builder

Confirm responsibility of building regulations compliance at the beginning. If you are the owner of the building, you are responsible. You may be served with an enforcement action for non-compliance with the regulations.

Local Authority Building Control (LABC) 

Local Authority Building Control (LABC) represents all local authority Building Control teams in England and Wales. The teams work with building and home owners, architects and other professionals. This is to make sure buildings are safe and meet the standards set by the building regulations.

We work in partnership with LABC offering the following services: 

  • code for sustainable homes assessments 
  • new home warranty 
  • social housing warranty 
  • self-build warranty 
  • completed housing warranty 
  • completed plus warranty 
  • acoustic testing 

For information or a quote visit the LABC Warranty website or email

Join the LABC Partner Authority Scheme (PAS)

What is the Partner Authority Scheme? 

Our partner authority scheme is shared by all local authority building control teams in England and Wales. You can choose to work with any local authority building control surveyor to undertake all pre-application and design work, regardless of the project's geographical location. By choosing to join the scheme, no matter where your site is located we will be able to work with you.

The aim of the Scheme is to reduce unnecessary delays by statutory procedures and where possible to speed up the process leading to Building Regulation approval. The Partner Authority accomplishes this by liaising with the Inspecting Local Authority and providing professional advice to the Partner Company during the design stage. If this advice is acted upon a greater element of certainty exists that Building Regulation approval will follow without further amendments. Once the work begins on site, the relevant local authority will manage the construction phase. Provide onsite inspections and advice to the site team.

When a project is placed under the scheme the Partner Company invites the Partner Authority at an early stage to give ongoing advice on the application of the Building Regulations to all aspects of the design.

Benefits of joining the scheme: 

  • save time and money on wasted administration and travel
  • a single point of contact in your chosen local authority who you can talk to anytime
  • consistent advice on building standards
  • local inspections from a professional team near your sites
  • in-depth expertise from experts on structure, fire, noise, access, contamination and energy
  • simplified correspondence, faster resolution of queries and reduced paperwork
  • simplified fees and invoicing arrangements
  • streamlined administration all the way through to the completion certificate
  • LABC new home warranty or latent defects insurance for commercial buildings
  • use of the LABC Partner logo on communications to customers.

Applying to the PAS

To start taking advantage of the benefits of the LABC partnership scheme, complete the online application form found on the LABC website.

If you have any queries contact or call on 020 8616 8120.