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Demolition notice

If you need to demolish a building or part of a building (greater than 1750 cubic feet) you must apply for a demolition notice six weeks before you start the work. It's free to apply. 

You must: 

  • support any other buildings that may be affected by the demolition 
  • weatherproof any surfaces of adjacent buildings that are exposed by the demolition 
  • repair any damage to other buildings caused by the demolition 
  • remove material or rubbish resulting from the demolition 
  • disconnect and seal any points (for example, sewers or drains) in or under the building 
  • repair any ground disturbed by the demolition 
  • disconnect the gas, electricity and water supply to the building 
  • inform companies and agencies with legal rights to the building 
  • inform any neighbours that might be affected by the demolition 
  • check for planning permission, especially if the building you want to demolish is a listed building or in a conservation area


If you're working with asbestos you must: 

  • remove any asbestos cement before the building is demolished (where possible) 
  • avoid breaking any sheets of asbestos (where possible) 
  • keep the asbestos material wet at all times 
  • lower any asbestos material onto a clean hard surface (where possible) 
  • remove waste and debris from site as soon as possible to prevent crushing 
  • dispose of the waste and debris safely 
  • never bulldoze broken asbestos cement sheet into piles 
  • never dry sweep asbestos cement debris 
  • give adequate information on the hazards and risks 
  • be trained in the correct safe working practices (including using appropriate protective clothing and respiratory equipment) 

Asbestos is a hazardous waste so can only be disposed:

  • at a licensed recycling centre or
  • by using a licensed asbestos removal service.