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Request an inspection

Pre-application consultation 

Prior to submitting an application, we are able to provide advice on aspects of your proposed building work. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are likely to have dealt with similar projects in the past. In the first instance advice is likely to be over the telephone and/or email.

Site inspections

Our first visit will normally take place when the building work has started. At this commencement visit we can agree the future site visits. It is before we attend the first visit that the inspection charge fee is paid to cover all further inspections. Payment of the inspection charge fee for some applications are included with the application submission.

The Building Control Officer will attend site to assess whether the work complies with the various requirements of the building regulations. The types of inspections carried out will vary according to the type of construction work and therefore it is important to have early discussions with the Building Control Officer to agree and be aware of the site inspections and other inspections needed.

Ensuring the work complies with the regulations are the responsibility of those commissioning the work and those who do the work. It is therefore also you or your builder's responsibility to request an inspection.

Any works that start without approval, where the Full Plans application was chosen, will be at your own risk until approval is given. Any works found to be incorrect on the plan examination but carried out on site will have to be corrected.

How to request a site inspection / make an enquiry  

To request a site inspection, you can either:

For a next day inspection please contact us before 4pm on the working day before. Where the work can be guaranteed to be inspected, visits can be booked further in advance of the day you require a visit.

Office opening hours:  

  • Monday to Thursday: 8.30am to 5pm 
  • Friday: 8.30am to 4.30pm 

You need to notify us at the following stages of your construction works but these will vary from project to project, particularly if you are following a risk-assessed inspection programme: 

  • commencement 
  • foundations 
  • excavations 
  • oversite preparation 
  • insulation and damp-proof membrane prior to placing concrete 
  • damp proof course 
  • steel beams 
  • steel frame construction on larger projects 
  • reinforcement in intermediate floors 
  • floor/roof joists 
  • thermal/sound insulation 
  • fire stopping 
  • drains, laid and ready for inspection 
  • trench backfilled and drains on or ready for test 
  • completion 

How to send us plans and documents  

Please use the upload function to send us documents and supporting information for your application.