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Green Minds Deliverables

Investing in Nature

  • Exemplar natural infrastructure investments: Central Park; Derriford Community Park; Citywide Urban Trees; Saltram Countryside Park; Devonport/Stonehouse neighbourhood

New models of Governance

  • New co-stewardship infrastructures for land tested and demonstrated
  • Best practice nature-focused planning guides and codes in line with the Joint Local Plan

Management for the 21st Century

  • Modern and professional training programme in land management for professionals and communities
  • Creation of an engaging, accessible and functional data platform for nature

Engaging new audiences

  • Creative and engaging communications using a range of on-site, digital and virtual mediums
  • Innovative immersive urban nature film for the public shown at the Market Hall in Devonport
  • New methodology to establish social values of natural infrastructure

Sharing learning

  • Toolkit for best practice land management