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Improve your energy efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency of your business can have significant cost savings, however, it can be difficult to know where to get started. We recommend using the following tools to start: 

For an introduction to energy efficiency, we recommend The Department of Energy and Climate Change’s SME Guide to Energy Efficiency. This covers many simple little to no-cost options, for example: 

  • heating costs increase by approx. 8 per cent for every 1˚C increase. So, turning down the heating by two degrees would save £140 on a £1,000 electricity bill 
  • occupancy sensors can cut energy use from lighting by 30 per cent 
  • switching off all equipment at the end of the day 

For further information, the Carbon Trust has a range of free useful guides on energy management, including specific guides for your sector.

Switching to LED lighting can save up to 70 per cent on your lighting costs with a typical return on investment as low as two years. You can calculate this for your business using this lighting business case tool, or Plymouth Energy Community (PEC) also offers a free lighting survey to businesses.

Green energy tariffs are becoming increasingly competitive in price, with some major energy companies offering green business tariffs at no extra cost, and competitive smaller, 100% renewable suppliers. Find out more information about switching energy suppliers

Read information about generating your own renewable energy, such as through solar PV and heat pumps. Depending on your tenancy agreement, these may require permission from your landlord. If you are a Council tenant interested in installing these please email your estate surveyor,