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Managing a House in Multiple Occupation

Information for landlords

You must have a licence if your property is a large House in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

As a landlord of a HMO you must:

  • respond to complaints from both tenants and neighbours
  • inspect the property at regular intervals (frequency will depend on the age and condition of the property and occupiers)
  • inspect fire alarms, emergency lights, gas and electrical installations at appropriate intervals
  • keep records of your visits (and any repairs or action taken) and your certificates
  • display your contact details in a prominent position
  • give 24 hours' notice (at a reasonable time) to access the property
  • ensure the property isn't overcrowded
  • be competent to manage the property and have the resources to do it
  • comply with housing and related legislation
  • take steps to minimise anti-social behaviour
  • follow smoke free legislation (if the property has free access to shared areas or if people work there)
  • provide a copy of the latest gas certificate
  • provide a copy of the electrical test certificate
  • provide a copy of the terms of occupation
  • provide clean accommodation (including furniture) at the beginning of occupation

We're responsible for enforcing HMO standards and we inspect properties before the licence is granted or during the period of the licence. Inspections may also be part of an improvement programme or follow a complaint.

Email or call 01752 398500 if you need advice or guidance on licensing your property or safety standards. Wherever possible we'll work with you to improve your property but if this fails we can use enforcement powers.