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Planning pre-application advice

We can provide pre-application advice and information before you make a planning application.

Our service will help you:

  • understand how we apply our policies to your proposal
  • identify possible problems and sort them out before you make an application
  • prevent costly and time consuming changes to schemes later

How to apply

To get pre-application advice, make an online pre-application.


Fees vary depending on the size of your development. See the fees policy document for a full list of our planning fees and charges:

Submitting a pre application

When you submit your pre-application, all applications except the initial scoping meetings can be viewed by the public. Anyone using our Public Access service will see your application.

When you submit your online application let us know:

  • If your application contains commercially sensitive information
  • Why your application is sensitive
  • Which parts are sensitive
  • If you are happy to continue with your application

Freedom of information requests

Anyone can submit a Freedom of Information and /or Environmental Information Regulations request about your application.

If the Local Planning Authority receive a FOI or EIR they must disclose information about your pre-application unless information falls under one of the exemptions (FOI) or exceptions (EIR) set out in legislation for commercially sensitive information.

If we cannot agree with you on the sensitivity of your information then you do not have to continue with your pre-application.

The Council maintains compliance to the Data Protection Act and we will not release any personal information to third parties.

Planning Aid England

Planning Aid England (PAE) provides free, independent, professional planning advice and support to help individuals and communities engage with the planning system. This includes online guidance and a limited amount of free email advice which can be accessed by an online enquiry form. In some circumstances PAE may be able to offer additional bespoke support. To find out more visit the Royal Town Planning Institute website.