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When you need planning permission

Building works or changes to the use of land or buildings generally require planning permission. There are, however, a range of developments that do not need planning permission (referred to as permitted development) – particularly with regard to the extension, etc., of existing dwellings. Please ensure that you check if you need planning permission before you start work as the rules do change. Properties have permitted development rights by default, although they can be removed via the granting of planning permission. If you are unsure whether or not your property’s permitted development rights are intact, please get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ button below.

If you are looking to carry out works to a residential property and are unsure if planning permission is required for the proposal, please visit the Home Improvement Projects page on the Planning Portal. The Interactive House guides are useful and should be able to tell you if you need planning permission. If you are unable to confirm or require confirmation on the need for planning permission, you can book a phone call or Microsoft Teams meeting with a Planning Officer. This service starts at £89 for one hour. If you wish to use this service please click on the box below to book an appointment.

Please note: This meeting is only for works to residential property and the Officer will only be able to confirm:

  1. whether or not your proposal requires planning permission; and
  2. what information would need to be submitted to us should permission be required. Officers are not able to discuss the merits of the proposal or give you a view on the likelihood of gaining permission should it be required via this service.

For more in-depth advice on proposed works to a residential property, including the view of Officers regarding the likelihood of gaining permission, you can submit a pre-application enquiry. This service costs £179, which includes a meeting (up to an hour in length) and one piece of written advice.

If you are seeking advice and/or guidance on a change of use to a commercial/business premises, please visit the Commercial or Residential Developments page on the Planning Portal. If your query relates specifically to a change of use, please visit the Change of Use page on the Planning Portal. If you wish to obtain further advice on the requirement for or the likelihood of obtaining planning permission for commercial schemes, or the creation of new dwellings (including flat/HMO/etc. conversions), you can submit a pre-application enquiry. The fee for this service is dependent on your proposal as outlined in our Fees Policy below: