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Apply for planning permission

Before you make a planning application check if you need planning permission. There are a wide range of developments that don't require planning permission.

How to apply

The quickest and easiest way to obtain planning permission is to apply through the Planning Portal.

The Planning Portal uses simple forms and tools to help you create your application. They are linked directly to our planning database system and we can import all of your planning application details and attachments quickly and easily. You can also pay for your planning application through this process or link your client to your planning application. This saves you and us time in processing your application.

Planning application forms are also available to print from the Planning Portal. Select 'Plymouth City Council' as the planning authority, choose your application type, print out the application form and return it to Planning Department, Floor 2, Ballard House, West Hoe Road, Plymouth PL1 3BJ.

What you have to submit

Your application must include:

If you don't supply the correct information your application may not be registered or refused.

Planning applications are public documents and are available to view online.

If you need more advice or information please get in touch. 

If any of the documents you need to submit are confidential, restricted or commercially sensitive we ask that you email us before submitting your planning application. The relevant planning officer will need to review these documents after you have submitted them as part of the validation process. When submitting your application through the Planning Portal we ask that you label those documents as such at the beginning of the labelling process. Please email your letter under separate cover to

Postal applications

We strongly advise you to create your applications online through the Planning Portal. The site gives an easy step by step guides to ensure you send through the correct documentation and you can easily pay or link your client to your planning application to pay. It is a lot easier and quicker than creating a paper-based application and is more environmentally friendly.