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What happens after you make a planning application

Step 1 - Registering the application

If your application is correct and we have all the required documentation, we will register your application. You will receive a letter confirming this.

If your application is incorrect we will contact you for further information.

Step 2 - Processing the application

After your application is registered we will consult with interested organisations and publish your application. Applications are published in accordance with our publicity code. Your application may be published on:

  • this website
  • in local newspapers
  • or by site notices

Publicity for Planning Applications

Step 3 - Visiting the site

We will normally visit the site to assess the impact of your proposal on your property, your neighbour's property and the surrounding area.

Step 4 - Negotiating changes

We will contact you if any changes are needed. There may some circumstances where changes cannot be achieved.

Step 5 - Reporting and recommending

We will prepare a report and recommendation. For most applications, this is considered by a senior planning officer but the Planning Committee considers the larger or more sensitive applications.

Step 6 - Making a decision

When we have made a decision we will issue you with a decision notice. Permission will be granted, granted with conditions, or refused. You can appeal the decision if it is refused or there are conditions attached which you do not agree with. Visit the Planning Portal for more information on how decisions are made and how conditions and obligations (Section 106 agreements) are applied.