Spaces and Places for Food

The Spaces and Places for Food project is about finding a creative way to use spaces and places in the city for connecting people, using food at the catalyst. Plymouth is one of the greenest cities in the UK with over 40% of our land being dedicated to nature (and we have all the blue space around us too). With so much green space there are hundreds of food related activities happening in and around the city. Through the project we hope to encourage more community use of underused land, mor elow cost/free food provision within existing buildings and to find out what is happening, where and who can get involved. This will be a large mapping exercise to begin with, but we also hope to support the development of digital skills amongst organisations so they can market and share their activity or event and let others know what they are doing and how people can get involved.


How to connect

  • Come to our Thrive Plymouth Expo on 16th January 2019 10am - 12pm at Plymouth Guildhall to help us decide how the project will go forward
  • Offer some of your land for growing food - join the project to find out how
  • Join the project today to be kept informed about how you can contribute email
  • Advertise your events through our website and Facebook page