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Volunteer Litter Picking

Litter Picking is an essential part of keeping the city looking clean and tidy. We are very lucky in Plymouth to have dedicated volunteers who work with us to keep the city litter free. 

There are many ways you can get involved in keeping the city tidy, check out the different ways below. 

Join a litter pick

Clean our Patch

Clean Our Patch is a community organisation run by two volunteers, who organise weekly little picks across the city working with a huge number of volunteers. They have groups and ambassadors located all around the city who lead these little picks in certain areas.

To find out more about Clean our Patch, where they currently work and how to get involved, visit their Facebook page.

The Great British Spring Clean 

The Great British Spring Clean is a annual campaign from Keep Britain Tidy, which supports local communities to get out in their local area and help to give it a good tidy up. 

What is good for our environment is good for our mental and physical health too. Recent times have shown us how important our local outdoor spaces are to us.

To find out more about this campaign and how to get involved visit the Great British Spring Clean page. 

Organising your own litter pick

If you can't manage to join a group or campaign then why not organise your own litter pick in your local area. 

Information and equipment

You may have your own litter picking equipment or want to buy a kit. You can buy items from hardware stores and online. Keep Britain Tidy sell individual and group litter pick kits to get you started.

On a first come first served basis we can lend bags, hoops, and pickers. There is a limited supply of equipment to lend so if you need equipment or bags you can request these using the form at the bottom of this page.

We've also put together some helpful information and advice for you to consider before you get started.

What to do with the waste from your litter pick

It is important to avoid leaving bags of waste out on the street or in a green space.

Depending on where, when, and what is collected will depend on what you can do with it. 

Individual litter picks may only produce one bag of litter so you can put this in your household waste bin or in a public litter bin. 

Larger group litter picks may produce multiple bags and so you will need to let us know in advance so that we can agree on a location with you to leave the waste and confirm when we will collect it.

During the official Great British Spring Clean period, you can take community litter pickings directly to Chelson Meadow Recycling Centre where it will get weighed at the end.