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Empty properties

We will make the following charges if the property stays empty. 

Empty and unfurnished

No charge for up to one month, the property must be occupied for 6 weeks before this discount can be applied again. After one month, full charge.

Empty homes premiums

The empty homes premium is charged once the property has been empty for one year. Changes in ownership do not affect whether the premium is charged.

  • after one year, full charge plus 100% 
  • after 5 years, full charge plus 200%  
  • after 10 years, full charge plus 300% 

Furnished properties

Full charge from the date the property became empty.

From 1 April 2025 all properties that are furnished but not occupied by someone as their sole or main residence will be subject to full charge plus 100%.

Empty and undergoing major works

No discount other than one month empty and unfurnished discount (if applicable). 

Apply for an empty property discount or exemption

Claim an exemption for an empty property.