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Student exemptions and discounts

A property is exempt from Council Tax if everyone living there is a full-time university or college student.

If you live in a student hall of residence provided by your university or college then you do not need to apply. You are already exempt.

If you do get a bill you can apply for an exemption.

What is a full-time student?

If you are over 20 years old then your course(s) must:

  • last at least 24 weeks
  • involve at least 21 hours of study per week
  • be at a recognised educational establishment

If you are under 20 years old, then your course(s) must:

  • last at least 3 months
  • involve at least 12 hours study per week

A full-time student also includes: 

  • student nurse on a university course
  • foreign language assistant registered with the Central Bureau for Educational Visits and Exchanges
  • non-British spouse or dependant of a student and you are prevented by the terms of UK entry from taking paid employment or from claiming benefits

Your household will receive a Council Tax bill if there is someone in your household who is not a full-time student and liable to pay Council Tax. They may be entitled to a discount if they're living with full-time students who are exempt from paying Council Tax.

If you live in a house in multiple occupation (HMO) the owner of the property is liable to pay the Council Tax. For Council Tax purposes, a property that is occupied by more than one household or by one or more tenants each with their own tenancy agreement for part of the property is likely to be an HMO.

Discounts are not given automatically, we may ask you for proof or inspect your home. You still need to pay your Council Tax when applying for a discount but if you're entitled to a discount we'll give you a refund.

If you want to cancel a discount you are receiving, submit a general enquiry.