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Single person discount

You are entitled to 25% off your Council Tax bill if you live on your own or if all the people you live with are under 18.

You need to tell us if you are no longer entitled to the discount. 

Single person discount review

To make sure discounts are being applied correctly we are required to carry out regular reviews.

If we have sent you a review letter, please complete a single person discount review.

Why we review single person discounts

We carry out reviews to make sure discounts are correct. We are required by law to take reasonable steps to do this.

How it makes a difference

For one of our reviews, we wrote to over 6,500 households (out of approximately 40,000 single person discounts) asking to confirm single occupancy. We corrected over 1,300 accounts which increased the collectable amount of Council Tax by just over £440,000.