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An Event Management Plan will be required for sites which will host events that attract additional visitors over and above those that normally travel to the venue that will be covered in your travel plan. 

Typically these Event Management Plans cover special events such as evening exhibitions / entertainment / special events.

If you are organising an event and are unsure if you require an Event Management Plan please contact the Sustainable Transport team at

What are they?

An Event Management Plan is an integrated ‘tool’ that seeks to pre-empt and address transport problems that could occur as a result of a special event.

Event Management Plans form part of a toolkit that also includes a travel plan but focus on how travel to and from an event will be managed along with the measures that will be used to promote sustainable travel to and from the venue.

Together with a site Travel Plan, Event Management Plans help to reduce car-dependent travel and congestion around our city, helping to contribute to the success of your event, reducing journey times, pollution and promoting healthier lifestyles.

The plan needs to be a framework which is referred to each time an event is being planned to prompt the appropriate action to be taken and advice to be obtained.

What is involved?

  • If an Event Management Plan is requested, the organisation is obliged to make contact with us at the earliest possible opportunity so we can provide advice on the content of the management plan.
  • Clear responsibility for the Event Management Plan rests with the developer or organisation, unless specifically agreed otherwise

What should the Event Management Plan contain?

The following must be included within the Event Management Plan for it to be acceptable:

  • Details of what the event is and who is / are the organiser/s
  • A timeline for when actions need to be undertaken and who is responsible for undertaking them
  • How many people are expected to attend the event and any congestion that this could produce
  • Details of any consultation with Plymouth City Council Highways along with any arrangements for Traffic Management and the use of directional signage
  • A map showing your location must be included
  • Details of any parking arrangements whether this is on or off-site with information on local car parking with links to relevant websites included
  • Public transport and other Sustainable travel promotion
  • What sustainable travel modes are available and how these will be promoted to those attending the event, with links to relevant websites provided
  • How Emergency services are able to access the site along with details of the point of contact in case a situation requiring these services arises
  • Details of who will manage the plan and key contacts

Guidance on writing your Event Management Plan

We have written a guidance document which you can download and refer to if you have are required to write an Event Management Plan either voluntarily or as part of a Planning Application.