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What is a residential travel plan?

A Residential Travel Plan is a long-term management strategy enabling an organisation or developer to increase levels of sustainable travel for all journeys to and from a site.

It should consist of a package of measures designed to reduce car use originating from a new residential development by promoting sustainable forms of transport while also reducing the need to travel.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced travel costs for residents
  • An increase in the amount of space available for development
  • An increase in the likelihood of gaining planning permission
  • Improved marketability
  • Less pollution and the promotion of a healthier lifestyle

Travel plans are generally required for all new large or expanding developments, and for some smaller ones where there is predicted to be a significant transport impact.

National guidance can be found on the Department for Transport website.

If a travel plan is requested, the developer or organisation is obliged to make contact with us at the earliest possible opportunity for advice on the content of their travel plan.

Responsibility for delivery of the travel plan rests with the developer or organisation, unless specifically agreed otherwise.

What should be in the travel plan?

The travel plan will need to include:

  • A site audit report giving a description of the site including design and layout, sustainable transport facilities provided, and how the site is accessed by all modes of travel.
  • Targets for various modes of travel agreed by the Council.
  • A method of monitoring travel patterns to and from the development site by all modes of travel. This will generally be done through a household survey and personal travel diary.

The Sustainable Transport Team are able to provide advice and guidance on the aboveadvise you on all of the above with additional information below which will help to get your travel plan underway.

Examples of residential travel plan measures

Travel plan measures could include:

  • Travel information website for residents
  • A welcome pack containing information on local travel options, maps of local facilities including pedestrian and cycle routes along with useful contact details
  • Other funded measures such as bus taster tickets or travel vouchers

Residential travel plan guidance

The Department for Transport has provided online guidance: