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Occupational Therapy for children and young people

We provide support and services to children and young people (up to age 18) and their families, with permanent, substantial and/or complex physical disabilities.

We aim to enhance levels of functional independence by providing support to you and those who manage your child and/or young person daily activities and care needs.

Once a need has been identified we can:

  • offer advice, information, signposting and support (e.g. managing your needs within the home, school, nursery environment)
  • provide specialist equipment to assist with daily activities (e.g. specialist seating, toileting aids, shower/toileting seats, bathing aids, specialist beds)
  • offer specialist moving, handling, risk assessment and advice (e.g. assessment for and provision of hoisting equipment and slings, moving and handling training, advice and planning)
  • assessment for minor and major adaptations (e.g. grab rails, temporary ramps, stair lifts, level access shower area)
  • undertake specialist occupational therapy assessments
  • work with local health and housing providers to assess needs and provide appropriate support for specialist equipment, adaptations or re-housing

How to request support

If you need more information or support contact SEND Access Early Help. Email: