Dockyard to city centre

Traffic notice of proposal consultations between 14 June and 5 July 2022

As part of the proposals for TCF146, consultations are currently underway for a proposed raised table on St Aubyn Road, and a toucan crossing upgrade at Granby Way. View the plans below. Comments can be made by writing to: Service Director for Street Services (Plymouth Transport & Highways), Plymouth City Council, Ballard House, West Hoe Road, Plymouth, PL1 3BJ or by email to, quoting reference Amd.2022.2137279.

Scheme consultation

Consultation on the Dockyard to city centre scheme took place between 28 October 2021 and 8 December 2021. The consultation report will be published after we have analysed the results.

Scheme summary

This scheme forms part of a programme of investment through the Transforming Cities Fund (TCF), that collectively, helps reduce congestion, improve air quality and help the city prosper by investing in infrastructure to improve public and sustainable transport connectivity on key commuter routes across the city.

It is one of two walking and cycling improvement schemes that will provide the new link between St Budeaux, Devonport Dockyard and the city centre.

The Dockyard to city centre corridor has been identified as a route that could be significantly enhanced from a cycling and walking perspective.

The scheme aims to connect homes, workplaces, schools, shopping and leisure destinations via a mix of off-road and on-road provision suitable for all ages and abilities. A 2km off-road shared use path is proposed between Albert Road and High Street, leading to an on-road section between Clarence Place and King Street, and a new crossing at Mill Bridge.

Proposals include:

  • Widening footpaths to the maximum width possible for a comfortable walking and cycling shared path
  • De-cluttering the shared use path to minimise obstacles, with proposals to mitigate for any loss of street trees.
  • Installing new crossings to make it easier and safer to cross the road at key points
  • Upgrading existing crossings
  • Measures to improve safety at junctions along the new route where it crosses side roads.
  • New signage throughout to guide people along the route
  • Reduced speed limits where on-road cycling is the only option available
  • New cycle parking facilities
  • Minor changes to parking and bus stop locations

Scheme proposals and drawings

Copies of the proposals and drawings can be downloaded below:


Business Case and Value for Money (VfM)

Project Initiation Document (PID)

Economic summary  

Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) 3.58

Value for money category: High