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Mayflower Street bus stops

This scheme forms part of a programme of investment through the Transforming Cities Fund (TCF), that collectively, helps reduce congestion, improve air quality and help the city prosper by investing in infrastructure to improve public and sustainable transport connectivity on key commuter routes across the city.

Mayflower street consultation report

Scheme summary

The completed scheme upgraded the bus infrastructure on Mayflower Street to take pressure off Royal Parade which suffers with queuing at the bus stops. Prior to construction, the road featured one bus stop and a shelter, in addition to on road parking, and disabled bays. As Mayflower Street is in the heart of the city centre, it has a large potential for bus transport links.

The programme of work included the installation of new large bus shelters as well as a new bus stop to make more space available for buses as well as changes to the pavements and kerbs. The scheme was designed to improve public transport infrastructure, bus journey times as well as reducing emissions.

The overall scheme results in:

  • A new bus stopping area with extra space to drop off passengers
  • An increase to two bus shelters and bus stops with space for three buses
  • Kerb adjustments to widen the road to allow other vehicles to pass when buses have stopped
  • Relocation of street furniture and removal if surplus
  • Disabled bay relocation

This scheme:

  • upgrades bus provision on Mayflower Street, prioritising public transport in the city centre
  • enables the northern area of the city centre to be better served by the bus network, linking to other modes of transport
  • enhances the route within the city centre to throughout Plymouth
  • offers wide social and economic benefits to local business and residents across the city
  • enables a more convenient transport option
  • expands and increases the capacity of the bus network
  • improves sustainable transport options benefiting the local environment with improved air quality.

Images of completed scheme:

New bus lane
Bus stop shelter
No entry sign
Bus stop
Economic summary  
Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) 4.53 Value for money category: Very high
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