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The Council has a series of schemes across the city to improve sustainable transport for local residents. 

The scheme covers the Crownhill Road from the St Budeaux Interchange Roundabout to the junction with Tavistock Road at Crownhill.

This scheme forms part of a programme of investment through the Transforming Cities Fund (TCF), that collectively, helps reduce congestion, improve air quality and help the city prosper by investing in infrastructure to improve public and sustainable transport connectivity on key commuter routes across the city.

Scheme summary

The Transforming Cities Fund will provide improved transport provisions across the city with particular emphasis on sustainable transportation links.

The improvements delivered through this scheme will improve bus journey times and reliability. This offers social and economic benefit to public transport users, especially to commuters with shortened journey times, and residents with reduced air pollution.

At the moment, Crownhill Road is on several bus routes with up to 182 buses passing through per day.

Map highlighting improvements to Crownhill road junction

When will work begin?

The first phase of construction works are due to commence in 2023/24.

Business Case and Value for money

The expected outcomes for this scheme are:

Improved throughput of public and private vehicles at the Crownhill Road junctions of Budshead Road and Transit Way

Economic summary

  • Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) 5.9
  • Value for money category: Very high

The existing layout

The current layout of the road can be seen in the following pictures:

Transit Way

Image of Transit Way

Crownhill Road East

Image of Crownhill Road East

Crownhill Road West Park

Image of Crownhill Road West Park

Crownhill Road West

Image of Crownhill Road West
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