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In March 2019 Plymouth was awarded £7.6m Transforming Cities Fund (TCF) Tranche 1 funding for the delivery of better cycling, pedestrian and public transport routes and more electric vehicles charging points around the city.

Here are highlights of the Tranche 1 delivered projects.

Tranche one map

Growing the Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Network

TCF T1 funding supported the installation of 104 more charging sockets for electric vehicles in public car parks and at workplaces around the city ensuring Plymouth is equipped to support, encourage and grow EV use. This provides benefits to us all as electric vehicles produce much lower local emissions, helping to improve the air quality in Plymouth.

Find out about EV charge point locations in Plymouth.

Charge points were installed on the Barbican Landing Stage for electric boats and e-ferry. Incorporating electric boats into the waterways of Plymouth brings significant environmental benefits such as reducing fumes emitted from boats, reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality and maintaining cleaner waters.

Electric Vehicle Charger
Workplace EV chargers
Electric Vehicle Charging Workplace

Northern Sustainable Transport Corridor

These schemes help connect key growth areas on the northern corridor and the City Centre by delivering traffic free walking and cycling routes, new crossings and enhanced bus facilities.

Northern Corridor public transport

These improvements delivered enhanced waiting facilities through the installation of 3 new bus shelters, 16 Real Time Passenger Information screens and web departure boards in key employment locations.   

NC Public Transport
NC Public Transport1

Southway Drive

This 1.3km walking and cycling improvement included widening and resurfacing of the footway along Southway Drive allowing children and less confident cyclists to avoid the road. Improved crossings for pedestrians and cyclists at side roads and across entrances to business premises were also installed.

Subsequent phases of walking and cycling improvements are planned to extend to the vicinity of Plymbridge Road. 

Southway walking and cycling improvement

Derriford Community Park

This new 2.4km walking and cycle link provides safe and accessible off-road commute options. It connects a north/south route between Marsh Mills and Derriford Hospital/Plymouth Science Park with east/west links between the Forder Valley Link Road and Crownhill and Derriford Hospital/Plymouth Science Park and the Tavistock Road Northern Corridor.

The benefits include increased transport choice, access to green space, supporting the Plymouth Carbon Emergency Action Plan and linking communities to sources of employment in the Northern corridor growth area.

Find out more about Derriford Community Park 

DCP progress image

East-West Sustainable Transport Corridor

This scheme made further progress towards delivering an East-West sustainable transport corridor, connecting key growth areas on the eastern corridor, City Centre and Saltash.  By providing traffic free walking and cycling routes, new crossings and enhanced bus facilities, east-west journeys are safer, easier and more enjoyable.

East - West Corridor public transport

The passenger experience has been improved through the installation of 2 new bus shelters, 12 Real Time Passenger Information screens and web departure boards in key employment locations.

Public transport information screen

Somerset Place to Ponsonby Road

This 0.4km scheme delivered a key link on the city's Strategic Cycle Network.

TCF funded a significant upgrade and widening of an existing path between Somerset Place and Ponsonby Road. The path was widened and resurfaced with new lighting installed to make the path safer and more attractive to walk and cycle to Central Park and the Life Centre from Stoke and other neighbourhoods to the south and west of the park. Walking and cycling surveys undertaken before and after the path improvement indicate the usage has increased by 124%

Further information on the ongoing plans for cycling infrastructure investment in Plymouth

Routes within Central Park

This walking and cycling scheme improved 1.9km of paths within the park, including widening to provide sufficient width to accommodate shared use.

This improved connectivity through the East-West corridor, as well as improved links to the Northern corridor, some of Plymouth's busiest bus routes, park-and-ride and leisure opportunities within Central Park.

Broxton Drive

This scheme provided a 0.6km traffic free walking and cycling route in Plymstock that links Broxton Drive to the Saltram Meadow development (1,682 dwellings) and roundabout. Running parallel to Billacombe Road along the route of the old railway line, it is an extension to the current off-road route that stretches back past Laira Bridge. 

Future plans are to extend the route further east to Colesdown Hill and beyond to link in with Elburton Road and the Sherford development.

Broxton Drive Walking & Cycling route
Broxton Drive Walking & Cycling route

As part of our goal to help local people enjoy walking and cycling more, we upgraded a 400m stretch of pathway in Newnham Meadows in Plympton which was susceptible to flooding.

Sherford to Haye Road

This 0.6km traffic free walking and cycling route links the 5,500 dwelling development of Sherford with Haye Road and is suitable for cyclists of all abilities. The improvements include the installation of lighting so existing residents, those who are new to the area and those living in the surrounding areas can use the route at all times of the day.

Sherford to Haye Rd walking and cycling route

Saltash / Cornwall

A joint bid with Cornwall Council and Saltash Town Council funded cycling, walking and public transport improvements. A 1.2km walking and cycling scheme was delivered in Saltash and public transport users will have noticed upgraded Bus stops with 40 Real Time Passenger Information displays showing information about services from those locations. 

Saltash walking and cycling2
Saltash walking and cycling

Plymouth Station Concourse Improvements

These improvements make it quicker and easier for travellers to use the ticket gateline at the station and provide sustainable transport benefits.

It is part of a wider project delivering increased passenger and parking capacity, and significant improvements to public transport within Plymouth.

Updates on the wider Station project.

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