Report a tree problem

We are responsible for keeping our trees in a healthy and safe condition so they do not block footpaths, roads, street-lamps or signs.

If a tree on council land has fallen, is damaged and unsafe or needs to be pruned let us know.

We can prune a tree when:

  • branches could injure pedestrians
  • branches are too low for traffic passing underneath
  • branches are blocking streetlights or signs
  • the tree is damaged or looks unsafe

Problems we do not deal with:

  • Loss of light or shading
  • Leaf litter (including fruit and twigs)
  • Minor overhanging branches
  • Views (to create or to reinstate)
  • Bird droppings or insect droppings
  • Poor television or satellite reception

You will need to let us know whether the tree is on Plymouth City Council land, the location and the exact concerns that you have about the tree. 

Report a Tree Problem