Report a tree problem

We're responsible for keeping our trees in a healthy and safe condition so they don't block footpaths, roads, street-lamps or signs.

If a tree on council land has fallen, is damaged and unsafe or needs to be pruned let us know.

Report a tree problem

We can prune a tree when:

  • branches could injure pedestrians
  • branches are too low for traffic passing underneath
  • branches are blocking streetlights or signs
  • the tree is damaged or looks unsafe

Problems we don't deal with:

  • Loss of light or shading
  • Leaf litter (including fruit and twigs)
  • Minor overhanging branches
  • Views (to create or to reinstate)
  • Bird droppings or insect droppings
  • Poor television or satellite reception
  • Clearing telephone lines (unless we're asked by the service provider)