Planning obligations (Section 106 agreements)

Section 106 agreements

Section 106 agreements are planning obligations we have made with developers to make a development acceptable which would otherwise be unacceptable in planning terms.

We may start negotiating these agreements before the developer submits a planning application and the delivery of an obligation may not happen straight away if the development is large and being development in various stages.

If a development is needed to support our planning policies, we may work with other organisations to decide what is needed for local facilities and the environment. Generally we will use Section 106 agreements to create new facilities or improving existing facilities, not towards running costs or salaries. All parties involved must understand their obligations so they know what is required of them and when.

Once a planning obligation is completed, we record it. See our planning obligations progress reports for details on how we spend the money we receive through Section 106 agreements.

Download Request a modification or discharge a signed Section 106 obligation [PDF, 58KB]

Download Confirm compliance with a Section 106 obligation [PDF, 68KB]


Planning obligations management fee

The planning obligations management fee is a standard charge relating to the administration, monitoring and management of a planning obligation. It is sought as part of the wider negotiation process on Section 106 agreements.

Standard rate

Part 1: Number of financial obligations x number of trigger points x £667

Part 2: Number of non-financial obligations x £667


First £1,000 to be paid on completion of the agreement. Payment should be made at signing. The remainder is normally due on commencement of works, however further trigger points may be agreed.

Request to modify or discharge a Section 106 obligation

If you make a request to vary a Section 106 agreement a fixed fee of £1000 will be charged plus the cost of our legal services to draw up the necessary documents. If any invoices have already been raised these cannot be cancelled and the full invoice amount must be paid. If we request to modify or discharge a Section 106 obligation there is no charge.

Request to confirm compliance with a Section 106 obligation

To check whether obligations have been complied with affecting a site or individual property, a fee of £40 is payable per planning application.

Download Strategic Planning and Infrastructure - Fees Policy 2017