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Archived First Deposit Local Plan

With the adoption of the Local Development Framework (LDF) Core Strategy (April 2007), the First Deposit Local Plan (2001) has been superseded as a material planning consideration, except in relation to the following areas:

Any site allocation which isn't already superseded by an Area Action Plan (AAP) or other Development Plan Document (DPD) which has reached preferred options stage or beyond. These are:

 North Plymstock Area Action Plan

 Millbay and Stonehouse Area Action Plan

 Devonport Area Action Plan

 Sutton Harbour Area Action Plan

 Central Park Area Action Plan

 Waste Development Plan Document

The annexes of the First Deposit Local Plan relating to the definition of shopping centre boundaries and the greenscape schedule.

These remaining provisions of the First Deposit Local Plan will become superseded over the next year as the remaining Local Development Framework documents progress.

As of 25 September 2007 (Cabinet meeting date), the consultation draft Design Supplementary Planning Document is a material consideration.

The Planning Obligations and Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document will be considered at Cabinet on 30 October 2007 for publication as a consultation draft. It's proposed that the tariffs part of this Supplementary Planning Document will not be applied immediately, rather waiting until full adoption of the Supplementary Planning Document. But the remainder of the Supplementary Planning Document will be able to be used for planning application purposes once the draft is agreed by Cabinet.

The Local Plan (adopted 1996) is no longer valid in the consideration of planning applications.

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A series of reports has been published to inform people of the formal representations made on the First Deposit Local Plan 1995 to 2011.

The First Deposit Local Plan was on public deposit from 25 January to 15 March 2002. In that period 3,569 representations were received 64 per cent objecting to a part of the plan and 36 per cent supporting a part of the plan.

Each report summarises, in map and table format, representations received relating to site and area-specific issues and covers a group of wards represented by an Area Committee of Plymouth City Council.

Please be aware that as of 1 May 2003 the ward names and boundaries changed, therefore these reports do not reflect the ward name and boundary amendments.

Interim Planning Statements

Interim Planning Statements have been devised as a means of dealing with matters on which guidance or decisions are urgently required, in the period between the First Deposit Local Plan and the publication of the new Local Development Framework. They're intended to address any policy issues that require urgent attention and supplement policies and proposals of the adopted and emerging plans, by the provision of Supplementary Planning Guidance.

The following Interim Planning Statements are available to download below:

Commercial Road

Site at Commercial Road, Cattedown.

Commercial Road

Educational contributions

Education needs arising from new residential development. This will be replaced if and when the new tariff based system comes into force in the spring of 2008.

Educational contributions

Sutton Harbour East

Summarises goals shared by the City Council and the Sutton Harbour Company in relation to the Sutton Harbour East area.

Sutton Harbour East

Armada Way Food Court

Relates to the allocation of the area between New George Street, and Cornwall Street for development with a food and drink pavilion.

Armada Way Food Court

A Vision for Plymouth

Outlines a vision for the future of Plymouth, developed by MBM Arquitectes and AZ Urban Studio.

A Vision for Plymouth

Plymouth Airport

The need to prepare a strategic master plan to guide the future development of Plymouth Airport and the need to safeguard land immediately to the east of the Airport.

Plymouth Airport

Plymouth University

Strategic development principles for the university area.

Plymouth University

The following Interim Planning Statements aren't yet available electronically:

  • Millbay Regeneration Strategy
  • East End Regeneration Strategy
  • Tinside, Hoe and Hoe Foreshore Conservation Plan
  • Barne Barton Regeneration Strategy

Local Plan: Adopted 1996 (for evidence purposes only)

The Local Plan: Adopted 1996 is no longer used. It's been replaced by the Local Development Framework.

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Chapter Eleven, tourism

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