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November 2019 Updates 

Appreciative Inquiry with the Parks workforce, having focus groups and interviews with a cross section of managers and staff from the operational teams who work in parks and greenspace.

Visit our Discovery page for information on the process, conversations and analysis. 

Footfall sensor in Devonport ParkVisitor footfall counter data held on Central Park has been uploaded to the Open Data Platform. In Sept 2019 we installed 10 counters into Devonport Park to gather baseline data to inform us about users movements around the park and number of visitors. This will be uploaded on to the Open Data Platform - what this space for updates. Our final pilot site Plymouth Hoe have footfall counters planned for Nov 2019. 

The Dedicated Operations Teams (DOTs) were inducted to their sites in Nov 2019. We will be able to provide further updates on the success of these DOTs over the coming months so what this space.