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Royal Parade and Mayflower Street Public Consultation

Consultation report

Scheme summary

The Royal Parade and Mayflower Street schemes aim to encourage more of us to use public transport to travel to the city centre, improve bus journey times as well as curb emissions and reduce the congestion currently seen on Royal Parade.

The plans will mean that a number of bus services that serve the city centre will operate from Mayflower Street rather than Royal Parade. Royal Parade will also see measures put in place to better organise queues for buses, improved passenger information and improved waiting areas for bus passengers.    

We are still at an early stage in the scheme’s design but improvements being considered include:

  • changes to layout of bus stops on Royal Parade to improve bus movements
  • new bus shelters, positioned within new bus stop layout to make more space for pedestrians
  • removal of railings in central reservation to modernise the look and feel of the area
  • increasing the number of bus stops on Mayflower Street from one to three
  • moving a number of bus services that currently operate from Royal Parade to Mayflower Street instead. These particular services have yet to be decided, but this reallocation of departure stops will reduce congestion at bus stops currently seen on Royal Parade.  


The cost of the scheme is around £2.6 million, with a £1.9 million contribution from the Transforming Cities Fund (TCF), £400,000 from Plymouth City Council and a £300,000 contribution from Historic England.

When will the works begin

Construction is expected to start in 2022 and take approximately 12 months.

Scheme plans and proposals

What happens next?

The next step is to analyse the feedback received during this consultation period and use it to inform the plans we have to improve Royal Parade and Mayflower Street.

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