Conservation areas

Conservation areas are areas of special architectural or historical interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance.

We adopt a conservation area to:

  • protect the distinctive layout and character
  • give greater consideration to the nature and design of development proposals in the interests of respecting and complementing the existing architecture of the area
  • provide additional protection through reduction in permitted development rights (for example demolition, works to trees, extensions, windows, satellite dishes and cladding)

If you live in or run a business from a property in a conservation area you may need permission from the Council before making alterations such as cladding, inserting windows, installing satellite dishes and solar panels, adding conservatories or other extensions, laying paving or building walls.

If you are thinking of cutting down a tree or doing any pruning work you must notify the Council six weeks in advance if it has a trunk diameter of over 7.5cm at chest height. This is to give the Council time to assess the contribution the tree makes to the character of the conservation area and to decide whether to make a Tree Preservation Order. Please use the conservation area notification forms available on the Planning Portal website.

Demolition or substantial demolition of a building within a conservation area will usually require permission from the Council.

There are currently 15 conservation areas in Plymouth, each of which is valued for its special unique character. We protect and enhance these areas, reviewing them regularly and publishing proposals for their preservation and enhancement.


The conservation areas below have either been adopted or are currently under review:


Adopted 1967, extended 1977, reviewed and adjusted 2007

Download Barbican conservation area map [PDF, 395KB]

Download Barbican conservation area appraisal and management plan [PDF, 7.7MB]

Adopted 1999, reviewed and extended in 2007

Download Devonport conservation area map [PDF, 380KB]

Download Devonport conservation area appraisal and management plan [PDF, 7.7MB]

Adopted 1977

Download Mannamead conservation area map [PDF, 492KB]

Wyndham Square adopted 1977, extended 1995 and North Road West adopted 1999, merged and extended in 2007

Download North Stonehouse conservation area map [PDF, 340KB]

Download North Stonehouse conservation area appraisal and management plan [PDF, 7.3MB]

Adopted 1985

Download Stoke conservation area map [PDF, 725KB]

Durnford Street adopted 1969, extended 1977 and Emma Place adopted 1999, merged and extended in 2006

Download Stonehouse Peninsula conservation area map [PDF, 366KB]

Download Stonehouse Peninsula conservation area appraisal and management plan [PDF, 7.2MB]

Adopted 1977, reviewed and boundary adjusted in 2009

Download The Hoe conservation area map [PDF, 509KB]

Download Hoe conservation area appraisal and management plan [PDF, 8.7MB]

Carrying out works or demolition in a conservation area

You need to obtain consent if you want to demolish or carry out any works on a property within a conservation area.

We offer pre-application advice and information

You can use our planning pre-application advice service (£57 for one hour) which involves a face to face meeting at Ballard House with a historic environment officer to discuss your proposal or to check if your property is in a conservation area. They can advise if consent is required and guide you through the process.

Email or call 01752 304366 for more information and to book an appointment.

How to apply

The quickest and easiest way to apply for planning permission is on the Planning Portal:

Apply for planning permission

Our planning application forms are also available to print from the Planning Portal. Select 'Plymouth City Council' as the planning authority, choose your application type, print out the application form and return it to Planning Department, Floor 2, Ballard House, West Hoe Road, Plymouth PL1 3BJ.