What is a Local Development Framework?

Plymouth is experiencing a period of significant change. There's a real expectation of improving the quality of people's lives in a way that truly reflects the aspirations of local communities. The Local Development Framework intends to 'provide a strong strategic framework to promote investment, guide development and safeguard the built and natural environment'.

What is a Local Development Framework?

Think of the Local Development Framework as a folder comprising three different types of Local Development Documents:

At the heart of the Local Development Framework is the Core Strategy that, together with the emerging Regional Spatial Strategy for the South West, sets out a long term vision and spatial strategy for Plymouth.

The Local Development Framework provides the flexibility to allow the strategy, policies and proposals to evolve in relation to needs, and to update parts of the strategy as required. Public involvement throughout is a key feature of the new system.

 Planning Plymouth's Future [PDF, 1.17MB]

 Local Development Framework diagram [PDF, 167.5KB]

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Watch our short video below which explains how a Local Development Framework works: