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Background reports and evidence base

The Local Development Framework has to be soundly based on a robust, credible evidence base. It will be this question of 'soundness' which will be central to its examination by an independent inspector.

In preparing Plymouth's development framework there are a number of studies that have been undertaken that provide the evidence base.

The documents below have been used to inform the production of the Local Development Framework:

 Active People Survey

 A New Affordable Rent Model

 A Vision for Plymouth

 Central Park Action Plan

 Central Park Evening Herald articles

 Central Park Life Centre Business Case

 Central Park Site, Peverell Park Road/Outland Road Corner Valuation Report

 Central Park Site, Pennycomequick Valuation Report

 Charter for Countryside and Seas around Plymouth

 City Centre Transport Strategy

 Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment letter

 Community Health Facilities and Services Report

 Community Planning Studies

 Coypool Report

 DEFRA Environmental and Health Effects of Waste Management Review

 DEFRA Extended Summary of Health Impacts Review

 Derriford and Seaton Area Action Plan Delivery Framework

 Derriford and Seaton District Centre Delivery Study

 Derriford and Seaton Masterplan Framework Report

 Derriford and Seaton Proposed New District Shopping Centre Report

 Derriford Area Travel Planning

 Derriford Community Park Delivery Study

 Derriford Community Park Masterplan

 Derriford Development Framework Evidence Report

 Derriford Transport Strategy

 Destination Central Park Strategic Development Brief

 Detailed Assessment of Air Quality in Plymouth

 Devonport Characterisation Study

 Devonport Community Safety Strategy

 Devonport Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Proposals

 Devonport Development Framework

 Devonport Employment Strategy

 Devonport Health Strategy

 Devonport Housing Redevelopment Implementation Plan

 Devonport Lifelong Learning Strategy

 Devonport Park Conservation Plan

 Economic Appraisal of Planning Obligations and Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document

 Feasibility Study for an Energy Service Company in Plymouth

 Final Evaluation of Single Regeneration Budget 2 Scheme

 Future Waste Requirements

 Future Waste Requirements to 2026 and Beyond

 Historic parks and gardens factsheet

 Habitat Survey of Central Park

 Green Space Strategy

 Gypsy and Traveller Site Assessments

 Gypsy and Traveller Sites Study

 Housing Needs Study

 Housing Requirement for Plymouth Assessment

 Listed building and scheduled ancient monuments factsheet 

 Local Economic Strategy

 Local Plan

 Local Transport Plan

 Milehouse Junction Traffic Modelling Study

 Millbay Docks proposed demolitions

 Millbay Health Impact Assessment Report

 Millbay Paramics Modelling

 Millbay Regeneration New Plymouth Arena images

 Municipal Waste Management Strategy

 New secondary school at Stonehouse Creek Feasibility Study

 North Cross Urban Framework

 Notes of meeting between Millbay Partners

 Onsite renewables guidance note (Policy CS20)

 Our City's Health Report

 Pavilions Arena Sketch Design Study

 Planning Obligations and Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document: Evidence base (update January 2012)

 Planning Officer's Report Royal William Yard

 Playing Pitch Strategy

 Plymouth Airport Study

 Plymouth and South Hams Housing Needs Study

 Plymouth Arena Situation Report

 Plymouth City Centre and Derriford Sustainable Energy Study

 Plymouth City Centre Future Direction Investment and Development Strategy

 Plymouth City Centre Precinct

 Plymouth College of Art and Design Framework

 Plymouth Design Panel Reports

 Plymouth District and Local Centres Study

 Plymouth District Energy Study update addendum

 Plymouth Draft Tall Buildings Strategy

 Plymouth Eastern Corridor Urban Fringe Study

 Plymouth Eastern Gateway Vision

 Plymouth Employment Land Review

 Plymouth Green Infrastructure Delivery Plan

 Plymouth Housing Market and Needs Assessment

 Plymouth Infrastructure Needs Assessment

 Plymouth Palmerston Forts Study

 Plymouth Properties Viability Report

 Plymouth Rapid Urban Characterisation Study

 Plymouth Renewable Energy Strategic Viability Study

 Plymouth Retail and Centres Study

 Plymouth's Eastern Corridor Transport Study

 Plymouth Shopping Study

 Plymouth Shopping Survey

 Plymouth Sound and Estuaries Coastal Planning Study

 Plymouth Strategic High Quality Public Transport Network Report

 Plymouth Sustainable Growth Distribution Study

 Plymouth Sustainable Growth Study

 Plymouth Swimming Facilities Strategy

 Port of Plymouth Evidence Base Study

 Principles of repair for historic buildings

 Proposed health-related developments in Devonport

 Prospects for Plymouth's Priority Economic Sectors Report

 Revised Regional Spatial Strategy for the South West (draft)

 Revised Western Approach Union Street Junction Plan

 Scheduled ancient monuments factsheet

 Search for Potential Waste Sites

 Sherford Enquiry by Design

 Sites protected for nature conservation

 Sports Plan 2020

 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

 Stonehouse/Millbay Character Study

 Storage Enclave Officer's Report

 Strategic Infrastructure Study

 Student Housing in Local Communities Report

 Sustainable Neighbourhood Assessments

 Sutton Community Planning Study

 Sutton Harbour Area Action Plan: Strategic Environmental Assessment/Sustainability Appraisal

 Sutton Harbour East Interim Planning Statement

 Technical note: Chelson Meadow

 Technical note: Coypool

 Technical note: Ernesettle

 Technical note: Moorcroft Quarry

 Technical note: Weston Mill

 Waste evidence base

 Waste Management Site Feasibility Study (draft)

 Waste Development Plan Document: Equality Impact Assessment

 Planning and Urban Design Brief for the Harwell Street area of Stonehouse

 Tamar Estuaries Management Plan
Tamar Estuaries Consultative Forum

 Building a Greener Future: Towards Zero Carbon Development
Communities and Local Government

 Cost multipliers
Teachernet, Department for Education and Skills

 Employment densities guide

 Fields in Trust

 South West Regional Waste Strategy
South West Regional Assembly

 Sport facilities calculator
Sport England

The following documents also form part of the evidence base but are too large to put onto our website. If you'd like a copy of one of these files on CD please email

  • Boulevard Studies
  • British Geological Survey
  • Central Park and Historic Landscape Study
  • Characterisation Study Maps to accompany the Devonport Characterisation Study
  • City Centre Precinct Urban Design Framework
  • Derriford and Southway Area Planning Framework
  • Derriford Sustainable Urban Growth Study (Llewelyn Davies 2004)
  • Devonport Retail Study (GVA Grimley)
  • Devonport Urban Village Final Report
  • Devonport's Peoples' Dreams
  • Draft Hoe Development Framework
  • Draft Plymouth Economic Vision and Strategy
  • Greenscape Assessment
  • Millbay Action Plan
  • Millbay Area Regeneration Strategy
  • Moon Street and Environs Planning and Urban Design Brief
  • New Deal for Communities Initiative
  • Plymouth Area Transport Strategy
  • Plymouth Barbican and Sutton Harbour Action Plan
  • Plymouth City Growth Strategy
  • Plymouth Community Safety Strategy
  • Plymouth Design Study
  • Plymouth East End Regeneration Strategy and Masterplan
  • Plymouth Local Shopping Needs Study
  • Plymouth Sound and Estuaries Water Transport Study
  • South Yard
  • Stonehouse and Millbay Characterisation Study
  • Stonehouse and West Hoe Study
  • Stonehouse Area Plan
  • Response of the Local Education Authority to the Devonport and Millbay and Stonehouse Area Action Plans
  • Towards a Safer City
  • University of Plymouth Strategic Development Framework
  • Urban Capacity Study
  • Victorian and Edwardian Schools Study