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The current Regional Planning Guidance (RPG) for the South West is RPG 10, which was prepared in the late 1990s, and looked ahead to 2016. This was first published in 2001 and is now called the Regional Spatial Strategy.

Following changes in the national planning system the South West Regional Assembly is currently producing a new Regional Spatial Strategy covering the period 2006 to 2026. The assembly has prepared in partnership with regional stakeholders a draft Regional Spatial Strategy that has now been formally submitted to the Government. Once the South West Regional Spatial Strategy has been published it will replace the existing Regional Planning Guidance (RPG 10) and will supersede the Devon Structure Plan.

The Regional Spatial Strategy together with the Local Development Framework will form the statutory development plan for Plymouth.

Plymouth, South East Cornwall and South West Devon Joint Study Area

A steering group consisting of the Local Authorities involved, together with other strategic partners, was convened in 2004. Following public consultation, the Plymouth, South East Cornwall and South West Devon Joint Study Area Report was completed in September 2005 and represents the submission of this Joint Study Area to the Regional Assembly.

This document is designed to inform the Regional Spatial Strategy process, and therefore may not be taken in its entirety by the Regional Assembly in to the Regional Spatial Strategy. It explains the Joint Study Area's approach to all aspects of spatial planning in the Plymouth Travel-to-Work-Area, with particular reference to employment, housing, transport, environmental matters and supporting services.

Draft Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) for the South West 2006 to 2026

The South West Regional Assembly, at its meeting of 10 March 2006, approved the Draft Regional Spatial Strategy. It has subsequently been submitted to Government on 24 April 2006. The Draft Regional Spatial Strategy will be open for public consultation from 6 June 2006 until 30 August 2006.

You can view the submitted document below or as it is a large document, you can view the individual sections and supporting documents at the South West Regional Assembly website.