Habitat Regulations Assessments

Habitat Regulations Assessments have been produced to determine whether policies and proposals of our Local Development Framework (LDF) documents will have a significant adverse impact on sites of European Importance for Nature Conservation. These assessments identify any potential conflicts between the Local Development Framework documents and the conservation objectives for these sites, and suggest options for avoiding any damaging effects.

Habitat Regulations Assessments have been prepared for the following:

 Core Strategy [PDF, 968KB]

 North Plymstock Area Action Plan [PDF, 384KB]

 Devonport Area Action Plan [PDF, 739KB]

 Millbay and Stonehouse Area Action Plan [PDF, 685KB]

 Central Park Area Action Plan [PDF, 910KB]

 City Centre and University Area Action Plan [PDF, 717KB]

 Sutton Harbour Area Action Plan [PDF, 639KB]

 Waste Development Plan [PDF, 451KB]

 Derriford and Seaton Area Action Plan (Draft) [PDF, 750KB]