Equality Impact Assessments

Equalities Impact Assessments are intended to make sure that policies contained within a document don't adversely discriminate against any equality group (based on age, disability, gender, race, faith or sexual orientation). They do this by identifying issues of concern to the equalities groups and then assessing whether each policy addresses these issues. If an adverse impact is found then an action plan is required to address the impact.

 Article 4 Direction Houses in Multiple Occupation: Pre Cabinet [PDF, 2.2MB]

 Core Strategy: Preferred options [PDF, 159KB]

 North Plymstock Area Action Plan: Submitted [PDF, 60KB]

 Devonport Area Action Plan: Submitted [PDF, 42KB]

 Millbay and Stonehouse Area Action Plan: Submitted [PDF, 41KB]

 Central Park Area Action Plan: Submitted [PDF, 29KB]

 City Centre and University Area Action Plan: Issues and preferred options [PDF, 72KB]

 Sutton Harbour Area Action Plan: Submitted [PDF, 65KB]

 Waste Development Plan Document: Preferred options [PDF, 27KB]

 Derriford and Seaton Area Action Plan: Superseded pre-submission [PDF, 86KB]

 Derriford and Seaton Area Action Plan: Revised pre-submission [PDF, 85KB]