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Things to do at Devonport Park

When you visit Devonport Park there is so much to see and do. Whether you are on a historical tour, dropping by for a cuppa, volunteering or walking to dog, you will always find something. 

Find something different each time you visit with numerous wide paths to explore including views over Devonport Dockyard to Plymouth Sound. A park to bring your whole family and four legged friend for a day out. 

Walks, nature and scenery 

Floral displays (planted for spring and summer displays) can be seen throughout the park in numerous beds providing vibrant colour and a large variety of plants. A wildflower meadow has bee planted in the park which when in full bloom has an array of colours and attracts many different insects that call it home. 

Steeped in history, Devonport Park has many areas of historical interest which can been seen around the park. Including The Doris Gun, The Napier Fountain, The Sicilian Fountain, The Great War Memorial and The Higher and Lower Lodges. There is so much to see and learn about so take a leisurely stroll around the park to learn about the history following the Devonport Park Heritage Trail which takes you on a journey of discovery. 

Devonport heritage trail

Sport and activity 

There are three tennis courts which are open 24 hours and free to use located in Devonport Park. Throughout the year there are tennis for free sessions as well as just turning up and playing. There are more tennis courts across the city including the tennis courts built in Central Park in July 2019. 

Devonport Park is one of the locations where Walking for Health has some of their walks. Walking for Health is a great way to meet new people, enjoy the great outdoors and improve your health and wellbeing. 

A bowls green is also located in the park which is open to the public to use. The bowls green is currently also used by Devonport Park Bowling Club and Tamar Bowling Club


A large playground with various play equipment including adventure play, modern play, sensory garden, a toddler play area as well as areas for juniors and teenagers. This play area really does have it all and is suitable for all ages.  

Soap Box Theatre 

A fantastic community theatre located in the park run by Stilkskin Theatre Company. This asset in the park provides the opportunity to access theatre performances, workshops and interactive sessions. The theatre also have a toy shop and tuck shop. Why not visit them and see what they are performing next. 


The Council and Friends of Devonport Park hold weekly volunteering sessions covering all aspects of the park including history, gardening, events and more. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and want to help keep Devonport Park special for everyone, join us and contact Mike Gallagher from Friends of Devonport Park or the volunteering pages